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The call for enrollment for Late French Immersion (5/6 programs) for the 2011-2012 school year was held February 4th, 2011 in all communities within School District 48, including Pemberton. Currently, 34 Signal Hill Elementary School students have completed the registration form.

These students represent a diverse mix of the overall school population.

As a PAC, we are thrilled that Signal Hill Elementary has demonstrated sufficient enrollment. Pemberton students deserve the same opportunities as other students in our District.

As a result, the Signal Hill Elementary School PAC is following through on the process outlined by the District to formally request that a Late French Immersion program be implemented in September 2011.

The teachers at Signal Hill Elementary take great pride in nurturing a culture of inclusion and respect.

The PAC supports these efforts. The addition of a program such as Late French Immersion will further allow the school population to celebrate this culture while ensuring that we are providing a range of learning opportunities for all our children.

( This letter was also addressed to school district trustees )

Betsy Linnell

Co-Chair, Signal Hill Elementary Parent Advisory Council


French language a must

For several years I have been following the debate in Pemberton regarding the implementation of French immersion at Signal Hill Elementary School.  I read with interest the letter from Pemberton residents whom I assume are also teachers at Signal Hill.

They say they are not opposed to French immersion but it is quite clear that they are opposed to French immersion at Signal Hill Elementary School. I have some sympathy with them for some of the challenges that must be resolved if French immersion is introduced.

But it is absolutely wrong for them to decide that it is okay to deny some of our children the intellectual, cultural, educational and career advantages of learning French in this country.

The teacher's letter informs us of their concerns, which is understandable, but the teacher's solution is the absolute opposite of what education is all about. Sadly, these teachers demean their own professional ideals.

Further it can't help but be noticed that the children of Squamish and Whistler have this choice but apparently these teachers want to deny that choice to the children of Pemberton.

And there is another aspect to this which is being completely ignored: that is that by denying our children the chance to learn French (one of the two official languages of Canada) they are ensuring that our children will not be able to take their proper place in the government of our country, its agencies, institutions, departments and academic and corporate opportunities.

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