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Love means nothing


Members of the Whistler Tennis Association know all too well what it feels like to lose a game at "love," but the owner of Whistler's tennis club is definitely making some bad calls.

While the Holborn Group lobs various excuses for letting the facility fall into disrepair, members, employees and parents of juniors are watching a once-great club get run into the ground.

Gone are the days of high-level tournaments, and even more sadly we may lose the teaching magic of Marjorie Blackwood and Peter Schelling. Currently the club is being operated admirably by Kirk Paterson and his crew, who have set up a number of excellent, affordable drop-in style clinics, drills and leagues.

Hey all you closet players, let's get the racquets out of the garden shed and start swinging! No partner is no excuse.

While love means nothing, 1,200 bed units granted to a developer means a lot more than the one or two family lots originally zoned for the property.

Our community has paid for this amenity through these increased numbers, so let's make some good returns. We need to pick up the pace of play to keep the existing club open if there is to be any hope of a new facility in the future.

The municipality has to stick to the original game plan set out with the guidance of Tennis BC and keep the pressure on the Holborn Group to fulfill its obligations.

Seems odd that just when Canada is producing a couple of world class competitive players like Milos Raonic (ranked in the top 50) and Vancouver local girl Rebecca Marion, our world class resort can't hold its serve against a company playing with heavy spin. Meet me at the club.

Pat Rowntree




Tennis club vital hub

I am writing in support of John Konig's comments in the recent Pique regarding the demise of the Whistler tennis facility.

We are residents of Pemberton and we drive in weekly to use your tennis courts. We have watched the slow deterioration of this building over the years and we are dismayed by the actions of the developer and owners of this property in their relentless path to renege on their commitment to your community to keep this facility open and maintained.

The tennis club has been, and could once again be, a vital hub for everyone from tots to teens, residents to tourists, if it was properly managed and maintained.

Please, council, do the right thing; make sure this community facility and tourist attraction stays in place, (remember the years of no snow and how hotels pleaded for more activities than just skiing?). Once gone, I fear you will never be able to replace it, but the developers will leave town getting away with promises never kept, huge profits and your community will have more condominiums.

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