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Letters to the Editor

Wrong place at the wrong time


I am writing this letter 12 hours after the tragic death of the 24-year-old girl on Highway 99 so lots of details have not been released yet, but I am not here to jump to conclusions on this particular incident. What probably happened was that this poor innocent girl was at the wrong place at the wrong time and she died in an unfortunate accident. My job in Whistler has me driving all over the highway and every night I see people that are not that innocent. It seems that when people have consumed alcohol they decide that stumbling on the highway in dark clothing one-inch from the highway line is a good idea. People run across a slippery highway 10-feet in front on my van while I'm driving 60 km/hr.  People even try to play chicken with my van jumping out of the way at the last minute, trying to get really close. Every night my heart stops and I have to slam on my brakes because of some reckless pedestrians. Every night people ask to get hit in this town and unfortunately tonight someone innocent took it for all the idiots who will hopefully think twice and realize that highways are dangerous and utmost safety precautions should be taken when walking on the highway especially at night.

Bernie Peup, Whistler


Safety comes first. So another death comes to Whistler Hwy (99), and what is the village worried about? How to screw more from parking and the library hydro bill. What about street lighting on the highway? This would have made it easier for the driver to see her. Why do people insist on walking the highway at night with dark clothing and with their backs to oncoming traffic? I've even seen some with iPod headphones on so they can't even hear traffic coming. I have spent many winters in Norway and there you have to wear reflectors pinned to your outside clothing by law if you're walking by the highway. You can pick them up for free at local banks, though with the money problems within the village you might find a fee added (nothing in life is truly free).

Jim Clark



Three times in the last week I have almost run over pedestrians on Highway 99 in Whistler, who suddenly appeared from trails hidden by snow banks and jumped out onto the highway in front of my SUV without looking. Another time in the last week I almost hit a snowboarder who decided without warning to cross against a red light while I had the green light. Again, he didn't bother to look before crossing. Remember what we all learned in kindergarten, LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE ROAD! Otherwise you may never snowboard again.