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Ignoring bullying no answer


RE: Families of bullied teens won't back down, Pique Oct. 7

I congratulate the parents for taking their concerns to the police. I don't think prosecution or jail is an effective way to solve bullying but what choice do the parents have if they want to protect their children?

When our son was in Grade 9 at a Vancouver high school I was phoned to meet the vice-principal with him. I was told my son had broken his hand when he punched another student. I was shocked because my son had never shown this type of behaviour before.

My son told me he had been bullied for the last six months and he had asked his teachers for help on many occasions. I knew about the problem but was told by the school that it was being taken care of. He never received any help and in frustration decided to solve the problem himself.

At the meeting the vice-principal asked my son to feel compassion for his tormentor because of his alleged difficult home life! We both were shocked at this proposed "solution." We demanded a more effective solution or we would go to the police. Four days later the student was transferred to another school to continue his bullying on someone else.

School administrators think ignoring the problem will make it go away. They don't want to admit some students, at a young age, need constant intervention and help to prevent their bullying tendencies to become worse. By not dealing with the problem, the bullies end up being put in jail and nothing is solved.

Tony Puddicombe



Dire assumption

Last week I found myself in the main day skier parking lots and was shocked at the amount of empty space I found there. It's become a great place to practice some new skateboard moves, or teach your girlfriend how to ride a motorcycle. With only 23 cars parked there last Monday, it's not the go-to place to park your car anymore.

Since there hasn't been a public report on the pay parking since mid-August, at the Oct. 19 th council meeting I asked if there were any updates planned for the future. I was taken aback with the answer I got, there are, but not until Dec. 21 st, , over two months away. I've noticed lately that the RMOW message has borne the mark of a professional public relations specialist (a PR Flak, in journalist lingo), and a classic tactic is to release damaging information on the eve of a major holiday, where people are least likely take notice of it. Given that it's only a matter of exporting a spreadsheet out of whatever bookkeeping program they use to keep track of the parking revenues, I get the feeling that the revenue numbers are particularly dire.

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