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• Who is getting the timber? Richmond Plywood.

• Does this seem like a good investment for current or future generations of
Whistler residents and visitors? (Your answer here.)

In the meantime, our video remains on YouTube under "Whistler Old Growth." But we will gleefully replace it when Whistler rediscovers its once substantial environmental 'cojones' and the mayor announces Whistler's stand against logging ANY old growth trees. (An announcement that would quite likely garner considerable media coverage... positive media coverage.)

Oly and the Fat Cats & Van Clayton Powel



No need for laws on laws

As a hunter it is entirely frustrating that the article that appeared in Pique Aug. 26th regarding the black bear that was shot with a crossbow in Pemberton last week finished with the statement "The Resort Municipality of Whistler is now considering a bylaw that would make it illegal to bow hunt within the municipality." Finishing the article with this statement would make readers believe a) that the person who did this was hunting and b) that a bow hunting bylaw would prevent this from occurring in the future.

I would like to remind Pique that this incident and the bear killed in Function Junction earlier this year were illegal acts of poaching and not lawful hunting. Two very different things.  The bow hunting bylaw that has been discussed would not protect the bears against this already illegal activity. I would hope that those who committed the offences will be reprimanded to the full extent of the pre-existing laws that protect bears and other wildlife from these acts. I hope that Whistler council will use their time for better things than putting laws on laws.

Clint G. Goyette

Valley Fishing Guides Ltd.


Editor's note: Although Conservation Officers and RCMP interviewed the hunters, no charges have been laid or are expected to be laid in connection with the bear shot with a crossbow near Function Junction.



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