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A new approach to managing forests


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Having an asphalt plant beside our town, next door to one of the most beautiful new neighbourhoods in the world, our Olympic legacy Cheakamus Crossing, makes no sense. Why are we talking about what is legal, who did what to whom, who knew what, who did not? What difference does it make? Telling the homeowners, as Bill Barratt suggests, that "...those people will have to make their own decisions if they want to live there" is just plain offensive. This problem is not going away. We should be looking at a collective goal to move the plant out of the area. It is the right decision. In good conscience, you all know it. No other choice makes sense.

Just move it!

Nancy Routley



A great couple

I would like to heavily and heartily thank Jeremy Roche (of Whistler Blackcomb) and his girlfriend (sorry I couldn't remember your name) for their amazing assistance on Saturday, July 3.

Our 16-year-old blind, diabetic Siamese cat was in immediate danger of an insulin-related reaction and would have seizured, gone into a coma and died in a few hours had it not been for this great couple.

I rushed over to them in the Tamarisk parking lot, as they were pulling in and I begged and pleaded to borrow their car (as we are car-less). They didn't know us. We switched business cards and were off to the 24-hour Animal Emergency practice in Vancouver. No questions asked.

Our cat was kept overnight, given dextrose on a drip to counteract the insulin and was stabilized. We returned with him the next afternoon.

Thanks to both of you for your greatness, kindness, understanding and generosity during this urgent incident.

Claire Mosley, Dave and Damian the Siamese



A Giant thank you

The Friends of the Library would like to thank all the generous people in Whistler who made the Giant Plant Sale last month a huge success. Thank you Paul Beswetherick and the landscaping department for your donation of bulbs. Carney's for the soil amendment and your support, and Trilogy for giving us the space at the IGA parking lot.