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A new approach to managing forests


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I have to thank Alison Hunter and the Whistler Children's Chorus and their parents for walking in the parade with us to represent the young spirit of Whistler. I also thank Alex Kleinman, Colin Pitt-Taylor and Bob Andrea for helping the museum set up its craft station and to Christa Vandeberg and the Chamber of Commerce for ensuring that everything went smoothly.

This Canada Day was a terrific beginning to the summer season for the Whistler Museum and Archives Society!

Leah Batisse

Curator/Executive Director


Just move it!

I am so disappointed, confused and just plain bewildered. I keep reading the paper, listening to the arguments but in the end, I just don't get it. How can any of council and municipal executives keep on justifying having an asphalt plant located beside our town, and directly adjacent to a residential neighbourhood? How can any of them believe that moving the plant 150 metres and rezoning the area to allow industrial use is a viable solution? I'm just stumped.

Rumors abound, many allude to back room deals, decisions made without community consent, behind closed doors. I am not naïve. I understand how politics are played. I get that politicians have to make tough decisions, compromise their principles, make difficult choices. I feel for all of them. I wouldn't want the job. They are under constant criticism, it seems thankless and I am not sure anybody can win. But we voted for them and we expect some transparency. And we expect them to do everything in their power to keep Whistler a healthy, pristine place. That is what they promised to do.

This decision makes no sense. I know the mayor would never put up with an asphalt plant beside his neighbourhood. He was the green guy. He was the guy who had the voice of reason stopping powers pushing for reckless growth in the name of the almighty dollar. Where did he go?

Of the remaining council and municipal hall executives: I know some of them and I know they would never put up with an asphalt plant beside their neighbourhoods. What gives?

Whistler has so much to be proud of. We have introduced so many green initiatives, been leaders in the changes and are teaching folks around the world how it can and should be done. So where, in the name of common sense, does an asphalt plant fit into that? It is mind-boggling.

Decide collectively that moving the asphalt plant outside the community needs to be done, and then find a way. If it can be moved 150 metres it can be moved farther. Involve the community; think outside the box, this is not the most complicated problem Whistler has been presented with. We are up for the challenge. The community wants it done. The owner seems like a reasonable guy and I bet he would work with us.