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Thank you to all the locals and guests who came out to cheer on the parade, celebrate Sea to Sky athletes and enjoy the entertainment. Canada Day 2010 was about celebrating community, honouring athletes and being able to look back at the 2010 Winter Games and what they inspired in us as individuals and as a community, and keep this spirit alive for our community and visitors.

Finally, to all Sea to Sky athletes - a sincere thank you for giving your time to come out on Canada Day and sign literally hundreds, if not thousands, of autographs. Thanks to Alexandre Bilodeau for your participation on July 2 - Whistler is so glad to have you! You all continue to inspire in us the spirit and passion of 2010.

A proud Canadian.

Bob Andrea

Village Animation, Manager


What a Canada Day!

This past Canada Day was a fantastic day for the Whistler Museum and Archives Society. We were so excited to once again be in the Canada Day Parade after a long absence and everyone had a great time.

The museum's post-parade craft table in Mountain Square was a massive success and over 250 people walked though the museum's doors in a six-hour period! It was an exciting, though cold, day and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make it such a success.

First, I could never give enough gratitude to Don and Isobel MacLaurin for lending the museum their classic red MG, for hand-making decorations and also for creating costumes to represent some of Whistler's greatest pioneers.

As well, I personally thank Florence Petersen for riding along with the museum in the parade; you truly represent everything that was nifty about the '50s.

I would also like to thank the museum staff, who did not stop running all day; thank-you to Jennifer Pringle, Amanda Rousseau and Sarah Drewery for everything that you did to make Canada Day go off without a hitch, I couldn't have done it without any of you.