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A new approach to managing forests


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The Canadian Experience Class, in particular, was designed specifically to help Canada retain people with Canadian skilled work experience and certain Canadian credentials.

The article also claims that the proposed changes to eligibility for the immigrant investor program are less likely to attract the investors Canada needs. In fact, the opposite is true. The new eligibility criteria would allow the program to better attract investors with valuable global business links, understanding of international markets and the resources to generate greater levels of economic activity after arrival in Canada.

Canada's current investment criteria have not changed since 1999 and are the lowest in the world compared to other countries that have similar programs. The new criteria would align Canada's program more closely with other immigrant-receiving countries, while still offering investors the competitive advantages of up-front permanent resident status and guaranteed repayment of their investment.

There is no doubt that Canada needs investor immigrants. These changes are necessary to keep our immigration program competitive with that of other countries, and keep pace with the changing economy.

The Honourable Jason Kenney

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism


Summer's attractions

In response to your editorial of "How well do we know our summer customers?" (Pique June 24) I can tell you that I've been coming up to Whistler almost every summer since I bought a timeshare in 2001. I bought not because I'm a skier or a mountain biker. I bought because of the mountains, the valley lakes and trails, the Whistler village(s), the Whistler library and museum, the art galleries, the restaurants, Howe Sound and the surrounding areas of B.C. I most love walking the valley trails around the lakes.

I'm one of Whistler's summer customers.

Allan Francke

Walnut Creek, California


Grass isn't just greener

Has Whistler not given enough to its inhabitants? Is the town and its beautiful surroundings so dull that bored people need to steal un-laid turf?

Every day I walk past the highly anticipated driving range; counting down the days to its opening, yet it seems some of us see this construction site in a different view. Are they opportunists hoping to make money from this turf, or is their garden in need for some fresh greenery? Either way, never would I expect that in our small community there are people who sink so low as to steal grass.