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When I asked, they said if any property condition was of concern they would arrange for a separate team to do a further inspection. To protect the taxpayers' money, and for health and safety reasons of ISU members, they said they could not take any chances and checked out the owner and the property whenever it was felt necessary.

They did the right thing. The contract and payments were conditional on a satisfactory inspection, which could be done anytime with or without notice prior to any payment or usage. They said that was a requirement because if a property was not maintained it could degrade over time to a point of being unsuitable.

The ISU contract requirements were tough, with many grounds for voiding the contract if there was any risk. There were the main contract requirements and supplemental conditions. This was all on the federal government website so it was public information. Some of the escape conditions included listing the property, owner insolvency or assignment to creditors and foreclosure. Although my rental contract is over, I signed a confidentiality agreement, so would prefer to have my name withheld.

"Name Withheld"



History is now

In a place as dynamic as Whistler, a museum is vital for documenting history as we progress so quickly, losing long-time locals to illness, old age and distance. While our community continues to expand and people come and go, the museum documents events and those responsible in honour of their contribution to the community.

The Whistler Museum recognizes the importance of our lineage responsible for present day Whistler, and this Canada Day we invite you to visit the Whistler Museum to learn about our past. Canada Day is an excellent chance to explore Whistler's unique history and learn the stories of our beloved founders. We are open by donation from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and we will also have a booth set up on the Village Stroll with information packages, and arts and crafts for kids. Happy Canada Day Whistler and best wishes for an amazing weekend!

The Whistler Museum