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Richard Klinkhamer



Taking a stand against the tar sands

I would like to thank LUSH for their proactive stand in protesting the tar sands development in Alberta. What a breath of fresh air to see a little political activism coming out of the free enterprise sector. I urge everybody to go give a vote of appreciation with your wallets, flowers, bottles of wine or whatever down at LUSH.

It's a shame our votes elsewhere don't add up to much as I doubt anything will change the attitude of the current Harper government which has proven to be nothing more than a bunch of belligerent global warming deniers keen on marching us down the usual path to the End Times. When pressed, the best they can do is dump a few million of our tax dollars into some carbon sequestration research scheme that gives more licence to ramp up tar sands production. The least they could do is cap further development, halt the flow of subsidies and squeeze Suncor and the rest like a lemon to fund some real alternate energy and transportation development. In this day and age only a Neanderthal can't see the imperative sense in such a line of action.

John Weston, what is your stand on the tar sands and the Enbridge pipeline sending Bitumen to China? All systems normal? I recommend

taking a cue from Blair Lekstrom and dump the Harper Conservatives!

Bruce Kay



ISU tough but fair

I read the article on "ISU Lawsuit Chalets in Forclosure". I own a second home in Whistler and rented it out to the ISU and had a very positive experience. They could not have been more professional and courteous. I signed my contract in 2008, but it was subject to many conditions. They did a detailed inspection of my property in the spring of 2009 and took many photos inside and out. It was scheduled in advance so there was no surprise. I made sure it presented well. They also inspected my property again prior to the usage as a precaution.