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I wish and hope that council will make the right decision that will prevent further division in Whistler. Just as in Romeo and Juliet, whose deaths ultimately unite their feuding families, this decision would also help to begin the healing process, which this town is in desperate need.

Joseph Farsang



Powerline play areas not safe

To the Mayor and Council, Village of Pemberton;

I am writing to you today to express my concerns regarding the site of your up-and-coming Pemberton Skateboard Park.

The proposed site for the Pemberton Skateboard Park on Portage Road is located directly beside an electrical tower that could expose users to electromagnetic fields ranging from 9.6 milligauss (mG) to 21.6 mG, according to measurements I conducted at the site.

In the 2002 edition of the EMF Electric and Magnetic Fields Associated with the Use of Electric Power handbook provided by B.C. Hydro, it states that relatively heavy average exposures of a power frequency of 4 mG or more are associated with a doubling of the risk of leukemia in children under 15 years of age. The proposed site for the skateboard park would therefore be exposing users to power frequencies well over the 4 mG limit that is considered safe.

I have provided copies of my working sheets showing the calculations to the Mayor and some council members so I trust you still have them, or they can easily be provided again. The numbers of my measurements are conservative, seeing that B.C. Hydro's own pamphlet given out to people who borrow their EMF meter show the typical electric and magnetic field strengths associated with comparable transmission lines to which we are concerned have a reading of 97 mG underneath and 33 mG at the edge of the " right-of-way".  If the hydro wires were ever changed to the 500 kV wires, magnetic field exposure would be increased dramatically to approximately 176 mG directly underneath the wires.

In addition to concerns regarding the health effects of electromagnetic field exposure, the proposed skateboard park site is on wet ground, costly to engineer, excavate, and then fill with drain rock in order to create sufficient drainage. There is a site at Pioneer Park, right behind the Municipal Offices, across from the Pemberton Hotel that would be ideal for a new Skateboard Park. This site has existing greenery, existing washroom facilities and a beautiful gazebo for spectators. Also capital investment for this new location should be far easier to raise because of its international appeal.