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Power to spare


I find B.C. Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom's letter to the editor last week chastising reporter Jesse Ferreras rather disingenuous. At least Mr. Ferreras has balance in his reporting, giving two sides of the issues and leaving the reader with a choice of opinion.

To the contrary our distinguished minister, or whoever wrote the piece for him, only recites the propaganda from the private power proponents who capitalize off ratepayers to BC Hydro. The statement that we enjoy low priced electricity rates used to be true. After the recent rate increase we are now ahead of four other provinces for power rates. In two years time the cost to B.C. residents will be 40 per cent higher than what we paid in March 2010. That will put us at par with most US urban centres and the highest in Canada excluding the Territories.

We should perhaps listen to Rex Weyler, John Calvert, Joe Foy or the ex- minister Corky Evans who all say B.C. is NOT in need of more power generation to attain self sufficiency. The continual mis-representation of facts by our Energy Minister makes one wonder who he actually works for?

Maybe Blair would be good enough to let us know.

Steve Anderson



Taxpayers will foot the bill

I was watching with interest on cable the last RMOW council meeting dealing with the asphalt plant. I had to give up after three presentations by Whistler residents. I could no longer stand the mayor's evading the direct answers and interrupting the people trying to express their feelings and concerns. One older resident appropriately reminded Ken that he should at least be polite and let the older people speak. Since Ken has done the same thing to me on a previous occasion when I addressed the council, I would like to tell him that when I was young I was told not to interrupt older people. I can understand that his objective is to move meetings along, but his behaviour does not encourage residents to come and talk before the council.

As far as the Olympic Village is concerned, I just cannot believe how something that was to be the greatest legacy of Whistler's and Ken's Olympic Games is fast turning into the greatest screw-up, physical and political stink and a potential financial disaster. Who is responsible for this mess? Not the asphalt plant, not the buyers in CC. In my opinion, the people that have to accept the responsibility are the members of the past council, Ken included, who did not do proper diligence and voted to approve that location. The municipality spent $40 million to upgrade the water treatment plant so it would not stink during the Olympic Games, but the council did not foresee the issues with the asphalt plant. Forget the air; just the fact that there are 50 trucks going through there proves that it was not the place for residences. They were so single-minded about the Olympic Games that they could not see beyond.