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Letters to the editor

Pass the cake, please


I don't know about the rest of you but I'm kinda looking forward to a post-Olympic party for the July 1 weekend.

Considering a seven per cent increase in the property tax rate on top of a 25 per cent increase in assessed property value, a July 2 deadline for property taxes and a seven per cent increase in the price of cake due to the HST, that weekend may be my only chance for a while to get a piece of cake, a balloon and my face painted.

In fact, I would suggest that our "fiscally responsible" council blow, oops, allocate the unspent $54,000 on other need periods such as New Year's and March 2011. Hopefully council buys the cake before July 1.

It is clear that the present council members take their constituents' opinions and suggestions very seriously because it is clear that no expenditure is too great for a piece of free cake.

Someone once said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And today's history lesson is that Marie Antoinette once uttered the immortal words, "Let them eat cake" to her faithful following, and we all know what happened to her.

David Deally



Olympic party solution

So the mayor and council want a party but the taxpayers do not want to have to pay for it.

It has been my experience that when people want to have a celebration but cannot afford the expense of having a party they invite their friends over and ask them to bring something for the party. If it is an organization with limited funds, like a school, they will ask for volunteers and solicit the local businesses to contribute something. Have a cake sale or car wash to generate some funds.

So instead of spending valuable taxpayer dollars let's ask the community who would like to volunteer to organize a party with the objective of doing it without any taxpayer money.

Maybe, instead of having it on a holiday weekend when the town is already crowded with visitors it should happen on a normally slow weekend and businesses could use the opportunity to set up sidewalk displays.

So let's get creative and show our ingenuity and have a party without ignoring the financial issues facing the town.

Bill Langlais

Whistler Town Plaza


Whistler's party needs

I hope that Whistler voters remember which council members were in favour of spending $96,000 on a post-Olympic celebration on Canada Day, of all days.