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Monica Petrich



We are at war

This letter was addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Defence Minister Peter MacKay and MP John Weston. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

I have finally been caught up in the excitement of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in my hometown of Whistler.

What I have heard from several visiting foreigners, though, is that the security here is excessive and it makes them feel as though they are in a war zone. We all know the cost for this security - and it's mind-boggling. We also know the reason and necessity of this security blanket over the Games.

Since the sending of our troops to Afghanistan in a fighting role, we are now more prone than ever before to a terrorist attack here in Canada. The reports coming out of Afghanistan at this time are very disturbing and worrisome to me. The "collateral damage," including the number of civilian deaths of many innocent women and children, breaks my heart. These are supposedly the ones we are there to help, protect and educate.

I am now convinced more than ever that it is wrong for our troops to be in a fighting role over and above self defence. Let's dust off our blue helmets and reestablish our reputation around the world as peacekeepers. The sooner we bring home our troops the more young Canadian lives, innocent Afghan lives and billions of dollars will be saved.

Ueli Kaltbrunner