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Was the wait worth it?


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Party on Canada, party on Whistler and well done Maëlle.Your gold medal is RIGHT ON!

PS: Mr. Mayor, I hope you've already picked the street you're going to name after her. "Maëlle Ricker Boulevard" has a nice ring to it.

Adam Daff

Sydney, Australia


AWARE's position needed

I am very disappointed by Al Whitney's open letter published last week about AWARE. As a director on the board of AWARE, founder of Hilltrip, co-creator of KosmiK and a messenger for Mother Earth, I strongly believe AWARE's position statement about the Olympic Games is needed. It is true that there is much to be proud of and a lot of it is already being showcased by VANOC, the municipality and media. There is no need for more.

It is not true that the era where AWARE helped Whistler become part of The Natural Step is behind us. AWARE is still involved with it through Whistler2020 and is working in partnerships to move toward sustainability. Maybe we could have pat ourselves on the back by telling the world how great AWARE is by showcasing past accomplishments, which would have been much smarter for a non-profit organization relying on donations. Instead AWARE decided to take the opportunity to send a message to the IOC and future host cities in order to make the Olympic Games more sustainable and take the risk of upsetting people in love with the Olympic Movement, such as Al Whitney, whose whole family is involved in ski racing with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club.

AWARE is not protesting, AWARE is providing a view on the Olympic Games with the health of nature and future generations in mind. These Games might be the "greenest" but they are certainly not green and could become much greener, if the IOC actually cared about the environment as much as it cares for its finances.

The opportunity that AWARE has lost is to praise itself for past accomplishments and collect money to fund its activities, such as its Enviro Kids' Nature Club which is presently in need of funds. Instead, AWARE decided to be a voice for the environment and take a stance for the greater good of humanity.

When I started doing events under Hilltrip and became involved with AWARE I saw the potential of sending a green message to the world during the Games and I mentioned it in the Year Two of Community Now done by the Whistler Museum a few years ago. The Games are here now! Hope some of you can come to Millar Creek Café in Function Junction this Thursday and Friday at 6 p.m. to enjoy GENERATIONS, a short film on skiers' and snowboarders' perspectives on Climate Change done by Teton Gravity Research and presented by Hilltrip.