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Was the wait worth it?


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the Australian and English Whistler Blackcomb lifties


Enjoying the moment

Four months before we won the bid I pulled a tomahawk down Exhiliration, tearing my ACL, MCL, PCL, patellar tendon and I don't know how many meniscus tears. Thankfully Mayor Ken Melamed was pretty good with a patrol tobaggon and I got down the hill safely. Four months later I was still bed ridden, listening to the crowd in the village after we won the bid. Not a fun day.

I'm from Calgary so I remember the Olympic fever when I was 10 years old. It stuck with me. I tried to make it in freestyle skiing but I think I was just too tall. Ended up with a bum knee from that too. But it didn't matter, it doesn't matter, skiing is in my blood. So what other place to be than in Whistler. That's why I live here. And since those days I have never felt part of a friendlier, happier community.

I'm proud to be from Whistler, Canada. And during the Olympics I'm gonna be from Whistler the best way I can. I'm gonna love every single minute of the Games. Sure they've been an inconvenience; it's hard to fit the whole world up here. But we're doing it so we may as well enjoy it now. And yeah, the Olympic Games are full of unsustainability, but now is the time to show them what is. I was a Nohomi, I was a Sumi, I am a Luk Luk and I'm not so keen on Corpi.

The world is watching, be the best Whistlerite you can be. And for me? I'm gonna keep running and waving my flag. Cause I'm proud of my neck of the woods. I'm proud to know all the people around me. And I want to show the world what we're made of here. Fun and friendliness. Oh yeah, and we're really good at dangerous sports. Just like Canada's gold medallists.

So keep running, keep healthy, keep high kicking, keep fist pumping, 'cause Whistler is the best place to be in the world and now is the time to show it.

P.S. I also was in a car accident two years ago on Highway 99 and suffer from chronic back pain, so if I see one more VANOC Super Utility Vehicle speeding in the Olympic lane I'm gonna wave a polite hello with my middle finger. It's not really a three-lane highway. And to my knowledge, we pass on the left-hand side in Canada.

Oh yeah, and if it wasn't for the existence of sport and the Olympics, I may never have been inspired to train myself back into shape or quit smoking a pack-and-a-half a day.