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Letters to the editor

Was the wait worth it?


I believe the six-and-a-half year wait was absolutely worth it.

Whistler has it going on in the Village without the problems you have seen in Vancouver. The energy in the village is like no other and the patriotism speaks for itself.

Being Canadian in this ski town has made this Olympic experience even more special. I have never seen so many people in a such a good mood. How can you not - even if USA beats you in hockey. Then you shake the hand of Frank Thomas, future hall of famer. Isn't it funny how hockey or the Olympics unite a country, or better yet, the whole world?

I have never felt so safe in town with all the extra police around which makes for a true Olympic experience. Just say "hi" to them and say you're local and then they ask you where a restaurant is to help a lost tourist.

Despite the lack of sleep I have had the first week - and I apologize to my co-workers in advance - this has been the best experience ever.

Let's remember not to get down on our athletes by not winning gold. Can you imagine the pressure they have on their shoulders? Just remember where you were when Alex Bilodeau won Canada's first gold. Let's be proud Canadians and not bitter and remember how Whistler and Vancouver have hosted the world and have done an exceptional job.

I cannot wait 'till I own a piece of the legacy by moving into the athletes' village later this year.

Has it been worth it? You bet, and it's been the best time to be a proud Canadian living in the Host Mountain Resort of Whistler that I call home.

Diamond Doug Ryan



Hearts of gold

Last night at Tapley's bar, we were drinking with three work friends. We had a great time and sang songs with the table next to us. When it came time to pay the bill, the table next to us gave us $50 to put towards our bill. They were three Canadians and one person from the States. Regretfully we didn't get their names.

They gave us the money because they said they enjoyed seeing us having fun in their hometown and wanted to share some Canadian spirit. We were so overwhelmed with their spontaneous generosity.

Canadians don't need to win gold in these Olympics to prove themselves. Their hearts are already made of gold. Thank you so much.

Justine, Elliot, Andrew and Mark,