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Alison Hunter



They'll be missed

We would like to pass on a huge Thank You to the dynamic duo of Shelley Warne and Marilyn Moore who created and ran the Whistler Bottle Depot. These two entrepreneurs and their staff carried on this business in every weather condition imaginable in a friendly and welcoming manner.

"Sustainability" is the most over-used term in Whistler but, in our opinion, the Whistler Bottle Depot is the best example of this concept that we have locally. Thank you both for looking after our efforts to recycle and reuse. Whistler would not look so great without your consistent hard work over the past two decades.

We wish you the best in your new adventures and we know you have left the business in good hands; however, your personal touch will be missed.

Ron and Jennifer Erickson



Calling Whistler home

We began playing all original music in Whistler over a year ago. Starting out by playing acoustic shows at the Whistler Farmers Market summer 2008, we moved on to play over 100 shows across Canada in 2009.

Unfortunately we were not selected for a gig in Whistler during the Olympics.

Being in an all original band in Whistler is a tough gig. There are bars that won't even consider us after we tell them "we don't play covers." Also, Whistler's amazingly talented DJ community can make drawing a crowd tough.

Recently, we toured the whole country stating Whistler as our loved home, and on our return we find out that we weren't one of the 10 local bands selected for performances in Whistler during the Olympics. I'm sure these acts include my good friends and your musical favorites: The Hair Farmers, Dr. Dave, Brother Twang, Spy vs. Spy, G Willy, Kostaman, etc. As much as I truly love all these musicians, I can't help feeling that we deserve to stand alongside them as a contributing members of the artistic community, presenting Whistler's diverse musical culture to the World.

However, C'est la Vie. We have a very exciting year shaping up for us with another cross-Canada tour and probably some European touring. We're aiming at playing 200 shows in 2010, a goal that seems realistic and momentous.

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