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I dissemble pretending


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The IPP Industry and its supporters are motivated by money. Powered by greed. Use climate change as an excuse.

Treat what they say with utmost skepticism.

Steve Anderson



The story in the DRC

Re: Bringing conflict minerals out of the darkness by Claire Piech (Pique 'n Your Interest, Jan. 14)

The author is right in regards to the need for the travesty and horror happening in the DRC to be brought to light. However, I think she has overlooked a major reason as to why this situation has been overlooked in the media. She wonders if it is due to the traditional lack of interest in Africa, or a more deep seeded racism.

Neither is likely the case. Rather it is the horrendous state of journalism itself in the DRC (which should not be referred to as the Congo, as Piech does at one point, since that is a separate nation without the same problems). The DRC has one of the lowest ratings possible from Reporters sans Frontieres (Reporters without Broders). The life expectancy of a foreign journalist without armed guard in the DRC is less than one day. DRC journalists are routinely murdered for even the most simplistic of stories.

In addition most Western Nations have fierce travel restrictions to the DRC. As such very little news filters out.

In order to get this story out to the vast majority of the public organizations like the RSF need support so they can in turn give the aid needed to DRC journalists as well as foreign journalists hoping to get to the DRC. You can't have news stories about a country if that nation has no one to tell them.

Ray Wangen



An amazing opportunity

After a long and rainy week of teaching, I stopped to pick up our mail on my way home last Friday. In our box was a letter addressed to me from our mayor. Much to my amazement, the letter informed me that I have been offered two tickets to attend the 2010 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony.

I am already very honoured to be Whistler's 2009 Citizen of the Year and to be offered such an amazing opportunity is quite simply wonderful. I would like to thank our mayor, Ken Melamed, the municipal council members, the RMOW and everyone else for such a generous gift. I am sure that this is an opportunity that I will always remember and treasure. Thank you very much.

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