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I dissemble pretending


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With the support of Juanita Coltman, District Aboriginal Advisor, and Andrea Jones, Aboriginal Student Support Worker, the students decided to put their focus on having after school homework club, after school support group and after school culture club.

Earlier in the week, I went around the town of Pemberton seeking out donations of door prizes and was over whelmed at the continuous generosity of our local businesses. I want to thank the following; Frontier Street Pharmacy, Pemberton Home Hardware, Pemberton Supermarket, Pemberton Centennial Cafe, Pemberton McDonalds, Pemberton Small Potatoes and last but not least the Pemberton Swiss Deli. We are very grateful to receive support from our local businesses in Pemberton.

Andrea Jones

PSS Aboriginal Student Support Worker


Bute no small matter

I would like to thank Perry Beckham for his well-written and informative letter regarding the B.C. Governments "green" energy policy. The implications of this policy were factually stated.

The response from John Hunter P. Eng. last week has some deep problems with accuracy and credibility.

Admittedly BC Hydro need not involve itself with small micro-hydro projects, but what is proposed for Bute Inlet is anything but small. Seventeen river diversions affecting the three river drainages entering the Bute. $4 billion project built by General Electric corporation with its local partner Plutonic Power. Both are financial contributors to the B.C. Liberal party. This has become a pre-requisite for those who want to dam rivers, build fish farms or extract oil and gas from our province.

The power purchase agreement with G.E.-Plutonic would result in B.C. Hydro paying more for the electricity than any water or land lease payments to the Crown. At the end of the lucrative contract where foreign-owned private power companies make exponential returns, the infrastructure built does not revert to the Province of B.C. Pure claptrap.

Rates for consumers are going up. The first 8 per cent increase later this year.

Last July the public advocacy group BCUC deemed these power purchase agreements as "not in the public interest" and was then quickly hobbled by the Campbell government. For John Hunter-P. Eng to use five-year-old BCUC data is plain misleading. More claptrap.

The situation in Bute Inlet is an example of everything going very wrong for the majority of British Columbians. No meaningful public process. Bill 30 effectively removed any local government involvement. Sweetheart side deal with Chief Ken Brown (please Google this guy). Any benefits from this project will not be realized by those who will be saddled with the bills and the planet will lose yet another wild place.

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