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I dissemble pretending


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Hopefully we can make some changes to make such a beautiful places stay beautiful.

Jeremy McCall



We've got it, why not use it?

I just have to add to the writer of last week, Bobbi Sandkuhl, who said she was embarrassed by the highway into the town centre. Embarrassed hardly gets to the point!

I think everyone who drives on this road should be really pissed off! All summer and fall we suffered construction delays on this road while it was "improved" by another lane. Now the additional lane sits covered with snow and we have some ridiculous pylon maze in the middle lane. In high traffic days at Christmas, people were spending over an hour to get to Function.

Why are we not using the additional lane? It's there! Or are we saving it for VANOC to move everyone around (one or two at a time in the huge fleet of vehicles they have in the area)? So much for the "green" theme. But that's another story.

I asked one of our council members why this was so and was told the highway is under the administration of the Ministry of Transportation (M.O.T.) and that the Muni had no say over it. So? Is anyone aware of the confusion the pylons cause? Can the Muni not make a recommendation to plow the extra lane? What happens when there is an accident and emergency vehicles cannot get through? It would be just as easy to plow the whole road and use all of it with two lanes going the way of the heavy traffic.

Cypress is closed and there is more traffic from the Lower Mainland on the weekends (25,000 on the mountains last Saturday). We are going to see more of the same this coming weekend. Could we just not give the other lane a try?

Terry Spence



A road in ruins

Kudos to Bobbi Sandkuhl re: her letter to the editor about the state of the road into Whistler (Pique letters Jan. 14).

Too bad it takes one of our citizens to bring attention to what you'd think would be obvious and of concern to the powers that be at Whistler.

Norma Butt



If you care about Pemberton...

This week there was meeting put on by the group of developers and the SLRD re the large subdivision, (2,100 units over 30 years) that is being proposed for the Pemberton Valley. They are looking for our input. If you care and have a vision about how this community should change in the near future, then I suggest you get informed and submit your views to the developers and the SLRD.