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Letters to the editor

I dissemble pretending


I am very surprised and disappointed to read the letter by Ms. Morris regarding the "Green Olympics" (Pique letters Jan. 14). It seems that people can only look at one side of things and make their minds up without looking at the facts.

1. These are obviously green Olympics, if one is to trek up to the Timing Flats, or ski down to Creekside, you will see the Olympic rings. Sitting there for few to see. In their resplendent Green colour.

2. Car pooling would involve organizing and communicating. An operation as large as VANOC cannot waste time on such things.

3. The paving is an effective method to deter natural processes of erosion from lowering our valley bottom.

4. The lights. Apparently, when you start you just can't stop. Some trees were jealous of those with lights.

5. Finally, did we not just have over 120 mm of rain? What can be more green than rain!

So, please. Look around you and see the positives that the Games are bringing to our communities. With so many people involved, there is more than enough "green" being distributed.

Michael Miller

Mount Currie


Disappearing snow reveals all

So, unfortunately, the snow is melting and what is left behind is piles of garbage, much of it is from our own locals. We have had an early glimpse of what gets hidden beneath the snow banks this winter. A surprise that normally is not revealed until spring.

The green Olympics are here but why is it still hard to say something when we see someone drop beer bottles at bus stops or flick a cigarette, but into the snow bank? Whistler locals may not be as green as one may think.

So what can be done? How about enforcing the littering bylaw 34? There is a $100 fine associated with the bylaw but when was the last time anyone was fined for it? As it turns out it was three years ago.

How about employing people to actually enforce the bylaw and even have them work on commission to give the workers some encouragement to say what the rest of us find so difficult. Increased employment, increased revenue and a cleaner Whistler - it is surprising that it has not been implemented sooner.

What will the tourists that come to see the so called "green Olympics" think when they see the garbage laying around? Sure the municipality will make sure the village is properly manicured, but what about the rest of town?