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10 minutes earlier


What would it take you to leave 10 minutes earlier each day? Knowing you could save a life, avoid road rage, speeding tickets and get to where ever you are going safely. I've recently noticed far too many of us driving at speeds far beyond the posted limits, and I'm not talking 5 or 10 km/h, more like 15 to 20 km/h!

Eva Lake Road, for instance, should be renamed Evil Lake Dragway. The number of drivers I encounter passing me while out walking my dogs, racing down the road is incredible. You must remember that we don't have sidewalks in many Whistler areas, not just Nordic, but Alpine, Alta Vista, Brio... and in order to get to the Valley Trail, we must use the streets.

Recently my family had a devastating tragedy: someone ran a red light on Dec. 30 in Bayshores, killing our 11-year-old Border Collie, Oakley. Yes I'm the crazy lady running at 6 a.m., dogs wearing headlamps, me too. If you haven't seen me, you probably know someone who does. The gentleman (and I use that term exceptionally loosely) told me he couldn't call 911, nor assist as he was late for work. Humm... question... if you're late for work, then why not leave 10 minutes earlier? Had I been two seconds slower, it would have been me!

I do not claim to be the perfect dog owner, only that I give my dogs the best life possible. And I do regret that this had to happen, I do hope that karma... No! No! Dog karma, bites you in the ass and hard! This letter is not about the death of our dog though, it's about using your common sense.

Since this accident, I have seen several things I didn't really notice before while driving. How about a PCL bus turning left out of Nordic, overtaking three vehicles in the left hand turn lane to do so? There was the small blue truck that followed suit behind you, from 10 cars back. Neither one of you even stopped at the stop sign or used a signal. How about the guy who drove in the left hand lane, nearly hitting me and my other two dogs, pulling out of P2 in Creekside? Not to mention the three people I've witnessed running the red light in Bayshores since Dec. 30.

Maybe I've seen this before and just ignored it, and now I'm a little more aware, a little more sensitive and a lot more cautious. Getting up 10 minutes earlier, leaving 10 minutes sooner, driving 10 km/h slower, taking 10 deep breaths... would any of this make your life that much more difficult? Just think if you were the one to receive the call that your spouse, child, mother, daughter, father, son, beloved pet or friend had been killed by a driver who couldn't spare 10 minutes because they were late for work.

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