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Surrey and Delta recently passed similar bylaws to protect their farmland. It is not too late to take stewardship over our soils and we can do this by changing the laws and policies to protect farmland. We need to save our farmland to grow food.

Jennie Helmer

On behalf of the Citizens in Support of the Farm Home Plate Bylaw



More is never enough

Their publication notwithstanding, the response my letters to the editor have evoked has been expiring so I was thinking seriously I should quit writing before I am empty. I was at the point where only God could change my mind. Then this week CTV and Vancouver Sun publicized the fact local health authorities are going to give Olympic athletes and officials 100,000 condoms. God indeed works in mysterious ways.

The irrefutable evidence accumulates as I write. Taking sex as a reaction to "it" is more destructive than reacting with either alcohol or drugs; and as with all other reactions to "it," more is never enough. If we don't look too deeply it will appear by taking alcohol or drugs we can self-destruct in isolation. By contrast, taking sex intimately involves at least one other person so the destruction of lives is more widespread in any view. Together the three anesthetics cause almost as much self-destruction as other reactions, such as defending religious beliefs or trying to accumulate more money than everyone else, and still we try reacting to "it" with sex.

As if we needed more evidence Tiger gave us another piece. If early reports are any indication, we will eventually learn Tiger has won more major trophies with his short club than he has with his long ones. I can imagine upon discovering proof Tiger was not the husband and father he is being paid a billion dollars to be, his wife went ballistic. In response Tiger yelled, "You're nuts!" to which his wife replied, "No, you're nuts!" as she lined them up with his driver. Were it not for the safety glass in his Escalade there is a pretty good chance Tiger, along with his bag and balls, would have been driven into a hole and marked with a flag.

Do I think Tiger will learn that trying to react to "it" with sex is self-destructive? Not even if his wife becomes the first $1 billion ex. Really and truly - as confirmed by the on going destruction of our environment, human beings have got to be the dumbest species on the planet and perhaps in the universe. There is no other explanation for the "thinking" behind what I didn't know is the continuing practice of giving condoms to Olympic athletes. It began in 1992 and in Sydney the initial supply of 70,000 ran out so another 20,000 were ordered. Athens officials ordered 130,000, which worked out to 12 for each of 10,500 athletes. Beijing only ordered 100,000 condoms but they were uniquely imprinted with the motto "faster, higher, stronger." Though there were more athletes than at Athens, they only used 95,000 because the pollution diminished all activity.