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Whistler’s ambassador role


I've received a few interesting phone calls this past month and they have prompted me to write this letter.

I moved to Revelstoke from my home town of Whistler for the new ski hill that opened here in December 2007. Having been born and raised in Whistler, I arrived in Revelstoke with some mighty high standards for what constitutes good skiing and an enjoyable town; nonetheless, I have been blown away by how much this town has to offer on both those fronts and by the amazing community which exists here.

The phone calls I received this past month concern me because it seems as though there are some bogus rumours floating around in Whistler about this place, and they need to be put to rest ASAP.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is on solid footing, full-stop. It opens Dec. 5 for the 2009-2010 season - its third season ever - and has already achieved its season's pass sales goal.

Millions of dollars are currently being put into resort infrastructure and Revelstoke Mountain Resort has all intentions of the resort golf course being a Nick Faldo-designed course, with plans to commence construction in the spring of 2010.

When my sister Ashleigh and I were growing up in a Whistler that was still struggling to be regarded as a great resort-destination, we were constantly reminded by our mother and father that we needed to be "ambassadors" of Whistler at all times - taking care to be helpful, polite, and welcoming to all tourists so that they would want to return to a town full of interesting, athletic, nice people.

The citizens of Whistler are now, in a sense, ambassadors for the ski industry in British Columbia as a whole, due to the sheer volume of visitors who filter through Whistler before eventually venturing out to other B.C. resorts. From this, I feel like the citizens of Whistler need to be properly informed of what's up in Revy and respect that this place needs support, not negativity.

Lindsay McIvor



Rainbow the place for security camp

This letter was addressed to mayor and council. A copy was forwarded to Pique for publication.

I would like to express my support in favour of the proposed Rainbow TCUP to locate in Whistler a temporary camp to house security workers for the upcoming Olympic games versus in any other community.

This will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of the security companies' (CSC) transportation plan and help deliver the greenest Games possible as promised by VANOC.

This location's green benefits are many.

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