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‘Where families gather?’


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Doug Farnsborough



The new king

Wow, I love my movies, and for the first time in many years I was actually able to read a movie review column in Pique that did not make me drop my paper and walk out of the room absolutely disgusted. Jesse actually talked about the movies and actors, and not just go on about how hot the girls in the movie are or how much gun shooting action we get to witness.

Seriously, I do not mean to insult Feet, but a small child could write a better movie review. I am finally excited about the thought of reading next week's column.

All hail Jesse, for he is our new king.

Colin Wyniarsky



If you love bears...

Jeanie's story will end badly. The writing is in the sky. The feature article by Clare Ogilvie in last week's publication warns that bear Jeanie's tolerance of humans could be her ultimate downfall.

Photographer and bear watching tour guide Michael Allen acknowledges that "Jeanie has allowed us into her life, not being the kind of bear that runs away and hides."

This can not be good news because it creates the possibility that one season Jeanie will omit to teach her cubs to climb up a tree to be safe from humans. This would be an unwelcome and very dangerous behaviour change.

All of us involved in the commercial or spontaneous bear watching activities are participating in the destruction of the wall of fear that keep bears away from humans.

Eventually, bad things will start happening and it will be our turn to live in fear, until we destroy a lot of bears to restore the bear fear of humans.

Folks, if you really love bears, leave them alone and stay away from them or their feeding territories.

Bernard Cloutier



Safe environment is GBS's goal

I just wanted to clarify some misleading and inaccurate statements in Jesse Ferreras's article last week: "Bear Smart plant removals concern landscapers" (Pique Oct. 8).

Crosland Doak of Brent Murdoch Architecture said in an interview that the bans the Bear Smart Group is proposing go too far. "The relocation of feeding materials... is great," Doak said. "But they have some blanket bans on 90 per cent of our indigenous species and that's a bigger threat."