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We can change future Games


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I am led to believe, along with many others, that she must exist as I see the offerings alongside the trails every time I go out. Neatly wrapped white plastic bags full of poo carefully tied with a knot.

Now call me a skeptic but my lack of an actual sighting is making me doubt her existence. So all those dog owners leaving offerings could you please carry them to the nearest garbage - I'm sure she'll find them there!

Nancy MacConnachie



Picture trouble; adjust your set

The "news" in Pique this past week was bookended by two equally inspiring columns that created a momentary dilemma until I saw the connection between the two. Both columns were "pictures."

On the first page was a professional snap shot of us "working" on climate change. If I could do it alone I would remove the "taxpayers" from the bottom of the picture. Agreeing we have degraded Nature and it might matter, if we do not remove from the picture of climate change "taxpayers" and the divine Economy we represent, there is as much chance of us reversing to the extent we can the destructive effects we have had on our environment as melting glaciers have of surviving the hell we have created.

On the last page was an artist's rendering of a future Olympic event. I could but I won't be painting myself in beside Max. Evidence confirms that next to "taxpayers" the greatest source of the conflict killing us are worshippers of gods. If I could do it alone I would also remove worshippers from the picture of humanity for as long as they are in the picture we will not be able to save ourselves. This assessment keeps me away from the church in which I was raised. If I painted myself into Max's picture I would feel like I was back in church.

Even so, neither will I be seen in a picture of protesters creating conflict with adherents or true believers who want to worship at the Olympic alter. I have changed myself. That is all I can do. I cannot change humanity.

Doug Barr

Whistler B.C



Damp and somewhat disillusioned

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