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We can change future Games


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• Without disrespect to anyone currently on the committee I think it is important to re-evaluate who is there and why they are there. Who is missing from the committee?

• Greater administrative support and leadership from the Mount Currie Band. While political representation from Pemberton and Mount Currie has been balanced the Mount Currie Band administration has not made this initiative a priority. The committee is not funded and to make things work we need to draw on the resources equally of the Village of Pemberton and the Mount Currie Band.

These are a few of my own suggestions. I hope our politicians, committee members, and other community members come on Oct. 13 having thought critically about how to make this work. Wanting something to continue is different than wanting something to succeed.

Sheldon Tetreault



Dare you, Whistler

This beautiful Whistler bubble sometimes makes it hard to remember that there are places where people struggle every day through health and safety challenges, where grandmothers raise their grandchildren after losing their own sons and daughters to AIDS.

This is also a fantastic place where adventurous spirits from around the world congregate to enjoy nature and interesting challenges.

There is an opportunity to support grassroots organizations in 15 African countries that help care for people whose concerns are more basic than pay parking or snow levels. Dare to Remember is a Stephen Lewis Foundation fundraising program daring participants to do something extraordinary for financial support from peers and friends. All funds will be handed over to existing on-the ground organizations, supporting individuals affected by AIDS.

People of the bubble, I propose a dare. I will dare to wear 2010 Red Mittens anytime I am outside every day in February 2010, and during the Paralympics. You can support me, join me, make your own dare (and I can support you), and/or dare someone else. Each dare gets it own webpage - mine is http://stephenlewisfoundation.akaraisin.com/p/MaryAnnG.aspx .

You can dare to do something more epic (be on-mountain every day in December, shave your head), something more wacky (wear your pyjamas for a day, walk backwards for a week) or something that you've been putting off (not drinking for a month, quitting smoking or cleaning out your storage unit).

Your global network will be happy to challenge you, so go ahead, make a difference, I dare you!

Mary Ann Graebling



It's not pixie dust

I am a runner and run almost every day on Whistlers beautiful trails, paved and unpaved, rain and shine. I believe I have seen the entire flora and fauna Whistler has to offer - chipmunks, raccoons, snakes, bears, beavers and even a coyote. But one elusive creature has escaped me - the Whistler Poo Fairy.

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