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Cathy Jewett


District Parent Advisory Council

Sea to Sky (48) School District


'Ask me!' launch shows Whistler's true colours

We want to thank everyone that came out and supported the official launch of the "Ask Me!" program, last Thursday night at the GLC. It exceeded our expectations with well over 200 people attending. The enthusiasm and energy was exciting as people rallied around the vision of Whistler becoming the most friendly, caring and supportive tourist community in the world. The world will be watching us in February and it is our opportunity to show everyone that beyond the skiing and other activities, there is a community that is committed to making their vacation memorable.

The overwhelming response to the "Ask Me!" program is proof that the residents of Whistler are ready to step up and show their love for Whistler in ways that has never been seen before....

Janis McKenzie, Whistler

Dan Perdue, Toronto


When the lottery winnings are gone...

Burning fossil fuels, carbon emissions and climate change are not problems that we need to solve. Rather, it's a predicament that we need to deal with.

Tens of millions of years worth of sunlight energy was captured in the making of fossil fuels - 300 years ago humans won the energy lottery with its discovery. All of our material lifestyle comes from this windfall and we're not about to give that up. At least not until every drop of oil, natural gas and chunk of coal is burned or left in the ground because it's too expensive.

Peak oil will be crossed as gold medals are being awarded here in Whistler. Peak natural gas will be reached about 20 years later and peak coal sometime before the end of this century. The question I've been asking lately: "What's it going to be like when the energy lottery winnings are spent?"

It's likely that you are either a believer in progress and that we'll techno fix (in good time) our way through this energy/climate predicament or you believe that without a drastic transition to renewables, the apocalypse is imminent. Both positions are trappings of our cultural myths. Net energy (energy you get out less the energy you put in) varies depending upon source. Light sweet crude's net energy is about 200:1, while wind is about 4:1, photovoltaic solar about 1:1 and hydrogen is negative - making it an energy sink, not a source.

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