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One person responsible for all this crankiness?


After a little family vacation in Quebec and Ontario it was fun to catch up on the back issues of the local papers. Wow, I don't get how one person could be responsible for everything people don't like. Last time I checked the mayor does not have the power of veto or imperial decree. Every council member and mayor from the previous decade or so must take equal blame for the ills of our little valley.

Some of these letters don't make sense. How can you vilify the present mayor for the cost overruns on the library and then excoriate him for not building a rink that would have cost five times more and been used by even less people. Sort of like building a sliding centre instead of a hospital.

This whole parking thing was decided years ago. I recall it made the front page of the Vancouver papers when there was more concern about paying to stabilize the Fitzsimmons land slump. Why didn't anyone get upset then?

As far as the Nita Lake Lodge Employee Housing Fund issue goes, that'll be like trying to get blood out of a stone anyway. Meanwhile Vancouver is looking at the Champagne Athlete's Village with fear about the final bill and more about the quality of the project down the road. No more money for leaky condos to fix it either. I rode by our athletes' village today and they are on time and on a beer budget. Many of my friends are looking forward to moving in a year from now.

One other thing, I checked with the Mayor about this "cranky and unhappy" quote. It didn't come out of his mouth, but the interviewer used the expression in a question. Don't believe everything you read, even if it is in the Globe and Mail .

You probably think that I am Pollyannish about what is happening in Whistler and who is leading. There are six councillors, who each have a vote. I didn't pick all of them when I voted, in my opinion I voted for the strongest candidates. I did vote for Kenny and I would do it again. His honesty and integrity, work ethic, sense of fairness and commitment to leaving the world a better place made him the best choice. Let me remind you he was the sole dissenter on council when the "Olympic Decision" was made. Regardless, he knows that we have to put our best foot forward and let the millions of people watching see what a great town this is. I only wish more people would start thinking the same way.