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Seniors not getting any younger


RE: Holborn seniors housing and tennis resort delays ( Pique July 23)

What was not made clear in your reporting on the Holborn Group's delay in fulfilling the conditions for adoption of its Rezoning and Phased Development Agreement (PDA) Bylaws, that were given third reading in May of 2008, is that each year of delay puts the completion and delivery of the committed community amenities that much farther away. Holborn has six years from the adoption of these bylaws to complete the new tennis facilities and eight years to complete the seniors housing. Had the bylaws been adopted in the fall of last year, as was reasonably expected but not followed through by Holborn, these two projects would have had to be delivered in 2014 and 2016 respectively, but these deadlines have now each been pushed back by another year and will continue to slide so long as Holborn continues to delay.

Unfortunately this situation will remain completely under Holborn's control unless and until the municipality revises the PDA, prior to adoption, to set fixed calendar dates for the construction and delivery of the seniors housing and tennis facilities. Council has now referred this matter back to staff for review.

A partial alternative that has been suggested by the Mature Action Committee (MAC) is to have Holborn convey the portion of its site planned for seniors housing to the municipality at this time which would allow that project to be proceeded under self financing as early as the summer of 2010. This would be at no risk or cost to the municipality and Holborn would be relieved of a future obligation. Holborn's co-operation would at least constitute an act of good faith on their part. In the meantime we remain ever hopeful that the right thing will be done.

Unfortunately none of us is getting any younger but we can take some comfort in the saying of Confucius: "Man never too old to have happy childhood."

Garry Watson

MAC Director


Promises, promises

I don't know why everyone seems amazed that the Holborn seniors units will be built "whenever" ...when not at all would be my guess.

For 30 years I have been watching various groups promise, then reneg on staff and affordable housing in Whistler. Why would King Melamed be any different?

Now Nita Lake Lodge is allowed to get away with compounding the problem further. This isn't rocket science people, force the developers to build the agreed to affordable and staff units FIRST... before they nail a single board of "for profit" housing... especially Mr. Holborn.

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