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Give me strength!


Here we go again, $150,000 to remove 100 metres of beautiful median on Blackcomb Way, and what, at least the same if not more to replace it after the Games (the equivalent to the 24 per cent tax raise for around 300 houses), just to insure that if anyone is driving behind a moron who decides to suddenly stop in the middle of the road to unload or pick up passengers, there is an extra lane to pass them. (That's got to be one of the best excuses I've heard in a long time for pissing away municipal coffers).

The last time I took my driving test you were not allowed to stop in the middle of a road to drop off passengers. Has the Highway Code been changed lately to allow this manoeuvre or is this a new rule to be implemented by VANOC's transportation plan? Surely there will be a spare copper on hand during the Olympics to taser any idiot drivers who think they are a law unto themselves.

Have we totally lost the plot? Have the lunatics finally taken over the asylum? How does this fit in with our vision of sustainability? Please, somebody get a grip! I'm starting to lose the will to live, and definitely losing the will to pay my property tax increases.

Harvey Lim


Subtraction means $150,000 addition

Re: "Blackcomb Way median to be removed this summer" ( Pique , July 9).

Let's see: Pay parking to encourage green practices by discouraging non-transit vehicles from driving to the village, and to raise money for the municipality. Removal of green space "to facilitate the flow of one-way traffic for the 2010 Games." Mr. Barnett says, "but imagine you are driving along behind a car and it stops to unload some people or stops to pick up some people, no cars can pass. So in order to pass that car the median has to be removed."

How about imagining, for two weeks, a no-stopping zone with those people parking in pay-parking lots or dropping off in the day lots, and walking to Celebration Plaza. Better yet, how about they take the bus. Makes money, and saves $150,000 plus the environment.

Greg Diamond


We've had enough

Beware! Not only do we now have to contend with the addition of pay parking at the lower level of the conference centre and soon to be day lots, but the management of the last remaining “free” parking lot in the village has become voracious in its ticketing to take advantage of and profit from the additional patrons using its lot.

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