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A small sign of hope


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For the RCMP constables who attended the Vancouver Airport that night to have "murdered" Mr. Dziekanski, they would have had to form an intent to kill him. Based on the evidence at hand that was not the case. What it shows instead was that they attended to multiple calls for help from the public and airport employees.

When they made contact with Mr. Dziekanski, they made a decision to use a RCMP-supplied tool, a tool they had been trained in and that was designed to harmlessly subdue subjects. It can be argued that they used the Taser incorrectly or too soon after making contact with Mr. Dziekanski, or that the Taser itself is not as harmless as the manufacturer says it is, but to bring the word murder into the conversation is inflammatory and wrong.

Max, to my knowledge, has had some training in law and should know better. While he writes an opinion column, Whistlerites often rely on Max to provide them with the information they need, and often describe how they first turn to the Pique's last page on Thursdays. Max should add to the public discourse of this community instead of muddying the waters and letting his emotions get away from him.

Max often stands for the little guy. In a prior column he showed lots of empathy for Mr. Dziekanski's situation before being tasered. I encourage him now to try to put himself in the shoes of the constables who responded to this incident and were faced with a giant incoherent man who had previously demonstrated irrational and violent behaviour. These constables are not omnipotent, they are average people like you and me who go to work every day to pay the bills and do the best they can. They may sometimes make mistakes, and these mistakes may have terrible consequences and will be scrutinized and picked over by people armed with "common sense" and lots of hindsight.

It's a good thing Max's mistakes usually only result in a mild rebuke from his readers.

Normand Harvey


Driven to drive

I have just been on the phone to the Transport Department of the RMOW. I rang to find out the reasoning behind the extra cuts to the bus frequency for this year's spring/summer/fall schedule. The bottom line: budget.

This from a council that has accepted a pay increase - unbelievable news during a worldwide recession where most governments and businesses are tightening, not loosening, their belts.

If our council really did care about the environment and sustainability of Whistler (instead of just paying it lip service) it would be working to increase the availability of public transportation to all who live and work here, not reducing it.

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