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A small sign of hope


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Joan has demonstrated exceptional insight into Whistler's needs and has been incredibly responsive to areas of local concern. She has consistently advocated on Whistler's behalf on the issues of Highway 99 and childcare. Whistler has no better proponent for these issues in Victoria.

Joan's contribution to our community and the entire Sea to Sky corridor is an excellent example to all those who wish to contribute and serve.

I am happy to endorse Joan for re-election and look forward to her continuing effort on behalf of the residents of the Sea to Sky corridor.

Ralph Forsyth

Two bad choices

A long time ago, when Gordon Campbell's Liberals were first elected, they (he) said they were going for electoral reform, and now eight years later this has still not happened. Reform means a fair form of electing where 30 per cent of the vote for a party gets 30 per cent of the seats and 5 per cent of the vote gets 5 per cent of the seats. There has been no attempt to achieve this, although it is what most of Europe does. Why we don't have proportional representation by now is hard to understand.

Why anyone thinks that STV accomplishes anything is beyond understanding. It ain't great and it ain't a start. It is just stupid!

In our predicted enlarged four-seat riding we are told we can only vote for one, unless we choose to claim that the others are second, third and fourth class. Why should we not vote for our preferred party XXXX, not 1, 2, 3, 4.  In the current system everyone votes for a party not a person. All candidates are running for a party and vote that way in the house.

When, one wonders, do we get a chance to vote for a real PR system? A start would be to not vote for STV. If we vote for that it could be an even longer time.

Right now we are only able to choose between one bad system and another even worse.

Terry Smith

Garibaldi Highlands

No 'murder' at the airport

I am writing to express my disappointment in reading G.D. Maxwell's column last week, in which he wrote of "the RCMP officers who murdered Robert Dziekanski." Such a statement can be heard at the pub or possibly on radio phone-in talk shows, but I expect more from the Pique's most-read columnist.

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