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A small sign of hope


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When the IPP's Water License and Crown Land lease ends in 40 years the IPP has no rights to sell anything to anybody. Like any lease, upon expiration, the government, as landlord, owns the leasehold improvements.

Most of the energy from run of river projects is firm. It is not "subject to interruption for any reason," rather it produces more energy when rain and snowmelt cause the creek to swell and less energy when they don't. And during the late spring when B.C. Hydro does not need much energy it pays IPPs half the price it pays for energy in the winter when it wants more energy.

While energy from B.C. Hydro's decades old projects is about $25/MWh (since the debt incurred long ago to build them has now been paid off) B.C. Hydro has told the B.C. Utilities Commission that the cost of energy from building new projects, like their recent Aberfeldie project, is comparable to the costs of new IPP energy.

There are not 112 Licenses for IPP water power projects in the Sea to Sky electoral area. There are only 14. Mr. Turrin should be aware that there is a huge difference between Water License Applications and Water Licenses granted. Like mining claims vs. mines, IPPs must investigate a number of green energy sites to end up with a few actually built.

There are seven operating run of river projects in the S2S corridor. And about half of the 32 run of river projects that are now operating in the province were built while the NDP were in office - vigorously promoted by then Premier Mike Harcourt as a new way of providing low-cost power, "which will act as a catalyst for industrial and economic development throughout our province." Ironic for the NDP to now call for a moratorium.

Joan McIntyre

B.C. Liberal Candidate,

West Vancouver-Sea to Sky

In support of Joan

I'm writing to express my support for Joan McIntyre's re-election. Joan put in an excellent first term as our MLA. Her engagement at the local level and collaborative approach to regional issues is proof of her leadership, and her promotion to the cabinet is evidence of her hard work and political skill.