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A small sign of hope


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Please take your food donations directly to Sarah at the Whistler Food Bank, at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church on the first and third Monday of each month between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. This way the food is fresh.

Please do not donate food that has expired. Try to imagine that you were receiving the food - it's nice if it's fresh and yummy, isn't it!

Thank you so much to Sarah, Lorna, Kari and Nataly for doing such an excellent job supporting people in need in Whistler. The Whistler Community Services Society helped our family the first three years we were in Whistler and it is because of their endless generosity and support that we have been able to make steady progress and settle into the community.

Be an angel - donate some food today to the Whistler Food Bank.

Lisa Haeck


Time to change drivers

Re: Election debate - economic management

The Campbell Liberals tout themselves as great economic leaders. But under their direction, we have seen an explosion in homelessness, massive cost overruns on the Vancouver Convention Centre, the costly privatization of electrical power, continuing child poverty, a promise to not sell B.C. Rail broken, and the sale itself bungled and entangled in an RCMP investigation.

Obviously, when it comes to steering the B.C. economy, we need to put people more responsible than Gordon Campbell & Co. in the driver's seat.

Larry Kazdan,


A sound energy plan

Contrary to Scott Turrin's letter to the editor, B.C.'s Energy Plan is Farsighted, Green and Cost-Effective.

While describing our Energy Plan this letter will also correct some of the errors in Mr. Turrin's letter.

Our 2007 Energy Plan directs B.C. Hydro to meet a minimum of half the new electricity demand through conservation. Rather than "mandating B.C. Hydro to sign Electricity Purchase Agreements (EPA) with IPPs," the Plan then lets B.C. Hydro choose how much they plan to build themselves or to buy from IPPs, industrials, or even to import (up to 2016).

To ensure that B.C.'s public power legacy will be maintained, our government passed a law called the B.C. Hydro Public Power Legacy and Heritage Contract Act. B.C. Hydro's plans and their impact on their customers' rates are also thoroughly reviewed by the B.C. Utilities Commission.

The government is not "giving away B.C.'s public assets for nothing." Run of river IPPs do not own the creeks. If they can get the 50+ permits and licenses and if they win an EPA to sell power to B.C. Hydro then they get to lease some of a creek's water and lease the land on which to build their plant from the Crown. The Crown leases require them to pay water rentals (just like any other resource industry pays royalties) and it ends in 40 years.

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