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A small sign of hope


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On a side note I am sure these three people, and others like them, would not mind a sled, helicopter or other motorized vehicle coming to their aid if they ever need one... talk about hypocrisy.

Dave Norona


A toxic mix

Saturday was the last day of public skiing in the Callaghan, with a special event going on in an organized ski up to the Callaghan Country Lodge past Callaghan Lake. Skiing conditions would have been excellent first thing in the morning for the over 75 participants, except that two snowmobiles had completely torn up the grooming which was done in the early evening previous.

That is two people destroying over 10 km of trail (which needs to be skied both directions) for what potentially could have been well over 100 people.

And ignorance was not their excuse. They were approached by someone letting them know that a race was taking place the next morning and not to drive on the ski trails. The two individuals were verbally abusive and continued on their way, destroying the grooming wall to wall (there was lots of room to stay off the grooming if they had tried).

This kind of complete disrespect and ignorance seems to ride rampant in the snowmobiling community and helps gives all riders of snow machines a bad reputation.

Not even getting into all the environmental concerns, this action just highlights the reasons that snow machines do not mix well with other forms of backcountry recreation. Regulating and prohibiting snowmobiles in certain wilderness areas should definitely be upheld and even expanded where possible.

Jody Cairns


The food bank needs food

I took a friend to the food bank in Whistler today and I was devastated to see how empty it is. Sarah says that because so many people are out of work in Whistler, many are relying on the food bank. Even though the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation gave $5,000 to the food bank recently, it must have all been used up because they are in dire need of the following: rice, canned fruit and vegetables, large canned soups, canola oil, butter, eggs, bread flour, pancake mix, Kraft dinner, honey, jam, pasta, pasta sauce, cookies, cereals, dishwash soap, toilet paper.

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