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Letters to the editor

Larger than life


A heartfelt thanks to all who came out to Dusty's last Thursday to help celebrate the life and times of Shane McConkey, skiing's most influential star. As skiers, we are all in some way indebted to him and his zest for the sport. He'll be missed but never forgotten.

Particular thanks to Shane and Amanda Szocs for their dedicated organizing and awesome retro-wear - McConkey would have been proud.

I'd also like to shout out to all those who donated money and auction items - like K2 and McConkey's brother George - as about $4K was ultimately raised for McConkey's family.

Kudos to the Hairfarmers for throwing down, adding another event to their frenetic schedule, and thoughtfully choosing songs that fit the occasion. (I noticed.)

Finally, I would like to mention the awesome and spontaneous show of support from Blackcomb Helicopters - with whom Shane had often flown - as well as explain to those who witnessed it what this was. At 7:45 p.m. we were all outside on the deck as three choppers in formation swooped in out of the murk, their running lights blazing. As they passed, two aircraft peeled off and disappeared up valley with their lights on while one heli remained hovering ominously in front of the crowd with lights off. In military parlance this is a Lost Soldier salute. It was incredibly poignant, generous, heartfelt and much appreciated by all. We apologize that explanation somehow slipped the minds of the inebriated MCs at the time.

Judging by the party that ensued, however, we also know that none of you were too worried about it.

Thanks again everyone, and thank you Shane McConkey for making my life a richer one.

Leslie Anthony


Let the people decide

I have to agree with Doug Player's comments about the budget. Council and the municipality seem to be completely divorced from reality.

I quote from their response to comments on the municipality's "chat-room" about the budget: "A line by line budget is not provided to the public, because it would be unfeasible for the members of the public to interpret it. Preparing the budget involves 72 people from across the organization, budgeting for their areas. As a matter of scale, the 2008 municipal budget included 2,883 line items."

I for one am insulted that it would be "unfeasible" for me to interpret it. Publish it and let "the public" decide! Perhaps we could start the savings by losing some of the 72 people who have been working on the budget! Unfortunately, without strong management, these are the people least likely to propose cuts in their own areas.