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Dear pedestrians
It is 8:30 p.m., I was driving home from a meeting tonight (about 8:15 p.m.) when I almost hit you crossing Highway 99 — scared me dearly! I saw your friend because of his white plastic bag, but I did not see you till after the snowball you threw hit my windscreen and was cleared by my windshield wipers, which were going at the time. I really am sorry I didn’t see you before — it must have scared you too!

All I can say is: ‘Please, when it is dark, snowing or raining and you are on the highway or any other roadway, if you are dressed in dark clothing and not wearing reflective material, make sure you are not going to get hit by the vehicles — don’t assume we can see you, sometimes we can’t! Better yet, assume we are trying to run you down — that way you’ll probably never get hit by a vehicle.

I am only happy I was going the speed limit and your snowball didn’t cause me to swerve because the results might have ruined the day for both of us.

In addition, I would like to suggest the RMOW and Minister of Highways improve lighting for known pedestrian crossings, whether they are at intersections or otherwise. Do it before there is a fatality because of poor visibility.

Karen Blaylock

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