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What planet are you guys on?


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Stoop and scoop
You made me feel so angry about your lack of respect; your lack of respect for the general public, your lack of respect for yourself, but mostly your lack of respect for your pet.

It was Thursday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. in the parking lot at Marketplace, right outside the TD Bank. While you chatted with your pals in the pickup truck, your large dog crapped right next to a parked vehicle — directly next to its passenger door. I may not be Cesar Milan (dog whisperer), but your dog looked embarrassed about its actions.

After I passed by and began to climb the steps to the second floor of the building, I realized you were not acting to clean up after your pet. I stopped, returned and asked if you needed a bag to clean up after your dog. When you shrugged (I took that for a yes) I went to my parked vehicle, collected a poop bag and returned to see you leaving, and your pals backing out in their truck. When I asked if they wanted to clean up after your dog, they replied that it wasn’t their dog, and pulled away.

Kudos to your pal that remained, and cheerfully said it wasn’t a big deal, and cleaned up the mess.

You have a dog. It’s not an accessory; it’s a wonderful loving animal. It deserves many things, including food, shelter, love and respect.

Whistler is a terrific place for pets, but obviously not for all owners. Shame on you. Next time you cross paths with a dog poop bag dispenser, please stock up.

Liz Berezowsky

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