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What planet are you guys on?


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A stupid idea
We keep getting support in the papers for STV, a truly bad idea. The latest in a letter from Erin Iwaniuk (March 5) defending the indefensible. Who would want their vote for one party transferred to another party for whom they did not vote? Changing the map does not help parties with fewer votes. Only proportional representation will do that.

MLAs (all of them) do not represent their ridings. They always represent their party’s philosophy only. If anyone doubts that just look at how they act while in the legislature at voting time.

STV is such a stupid idea it is impossible to understand why anyone can support it. At the next election the government is giving us another chance to reject it. When do we get a chance to vote for Proportional Representation?

Terry Smith
Garibaldi Highlands


International Bullying Day
It took place two weeks ago but don’t think bullying and intimidation only happens in the Schoolyard.

I read last week that the RMOW has a communication policy for its councillors to go through the media dept at Muni Hall, although it is not binding, said Ken Melamed. The policy is nothing more than “intimidation” and I was glad to read that “all” the councillors were against such a policy to “muzzle” them up. Your councillors are great people who have worked hard to get elected and represent the community. They are not the problem and the policy should be scraped immediately.

I have been watching things unfold for a long time while taking abuse of my own from various sources over the years but I cannot sit by any longer.

I recently submitted an eight-page letter of complaint to the RMOW C.A.O. on various charges of "misconduct" by their staff. It’s been over a month and I am still waiting for their investigation to be completed. I am giving them a chance to come clean. It’s hard to argue the facts and a confession by one senior RMOW member months later and after repeated requests to do so!

The only watchdogs and policies needed should be for RMOW staff, to make them accountable for their actions. I had suggested an independent “ombudsman’s” group be set up in my resolutions, as it would provide an open-door committee that Whistler residents with any “beef” in regards to the RMOW could go to and get action.

I understand the mayor is worried about the RMOW’s reputation but I am disappointed his efforts are focused on the wrong people!

Fortunately there are still some really good people at Muni Hall, so I am taking a stand against those who are not, and maybe it will make Whistler a better place for all.

Hugh Tollett
Director, The Whistler for the Disabled Society

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