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Whistler keeps on truckin’ in economic meltdown


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Ants and a Dragon
When the ants write the final chapter of human history, and if we leave them any environment they will survive us because they know how to co-operate, they will make three observations. They will note that after a miraculous beginning as a single cell and a billion year evolutionary journey through the successive "Ages", the process came to an end in the "Age of Mindless Entertainment". Their evidence will be billions of wide screen TVs all playing the same episode of the CBC's award-winning show "Dragon's Den."

They will further observe that our journey came to an end under the influence of the evolutionary principle "survival of the financially fittest." The ants will conclude the actual cause of our extinction was an economic asteroid, possibly around the year 2009.

In their museum they will place the last in a line of human fossils. They will call it "homo sapiens sapiens materialisticus." By coincidence it will be the skeletal remains of the bald guy on the "Dragon's Den." In the accompanying description they will draw attention to the skull and note that while all previous skulls in the line of evolution had some cranial cavity, this one is solid bone.

Doug Barr

Take the time to separate waste
Dear Fellow Recyclers in Whistler,

I was elated when I heard about the compost facility starting up, and even more impressed when the list on the outside of the bin said it would take bones. I have been saving all organic compost in my freezer until periodically dropping it off in the garbage anyways, so I was happy to transfer that lovely mess to the compost bin. Both doors state: "NO PLASTIC" quite clearly.

On Sunday, Feb. 1, I was horrified to look in and see many clear plastic bags encompassing basketball-sized portions of frozen material. I understand how distasteful and disgusting it is to try to separate the frozen food from the bags. I have done this with my own organics at the bin. What I am puzzled over is why people would deliberately disobey the signs on both the doors and the front of the bin...

This could put the whole program in jeopardy, as plastic does not decompose and will have to be picked out by hand.

I was also furious when I opened the door of the huge garbage compactor and saw a clear plastic bag filled with what looked like jars and bottles from one completely full fridge - enough to fill a tall metal garbage can like the one Oscar lives in.

I recycle as much as I can and I cannot understand why some people don't take the time to, especially when we have such a great facility here compared to other towns and cities in North America, such as Kelowna, B.C. and Taos, New Mexico.

Please help the Earth. She didn't ask for this garbage!

Angela Prettie