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Remember the little guys


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Even more importantly, the U.S. needs a robust manufacturing sector for defense purposes as well. Yale professor Paul Kennedy made a direct connection between economic and military might in “The Rise and Fall of Great Powers,” and we know from Conrad Black’s seminal biography “Roosevelt,” that the Allies could not have won WWII without America’s prodigious manufacturing output.

The more rabid globalists insist that the Big Three should be allowed to go bankrupt. However, there are encouraging signs that they should not be. Their international divisions are still profitable, and their new American product lines — for example, GM’s plug-in electric car, the Volt — have been critically acclaimed and environmentally endorsed. Detroit could make the bailout work provided the playing field is level. Besides, the U.S. simply can’t afford to lose anymore manufacturing capacity.

Clearly, America (and the West for that matter) needs to import less, repatriate productive capacity, make as much of what it consumes as possible at home and pay higher wages to restore economic health.   As the late President Lincoln explained it to American railway barons wanting to import cheaper British steel: “When be buy abroad, we get the goods and the foreigner gets the money. When we buy at home, we get both the goods and the money.” Sadly, Barack Obama is no Lincoln. He is a globalist, and the real economic remedy of de-globalizing and re-industrializing North America is not on his agenda.

Joe Bako


Looking for help

Dear Whistler Neighbours, I am desperately hoping that somebody has found our Japanese marriage certificate that I very stupidly placed on top of my car while cleaning it, and then more stupidly left it there rushing to my son’s birthday party....

So somewhere between our house on Emerald Drive and the Spruce Grove Field house, our certificate flew into the unknown. It is framed in gold and is very beautiful with a lot of Japanese writing. I can imagine that if someone found it on the side of the road, they could think that someone threw out some lovely art. I can't even explain how difficult and complicated it will be to replace so if anyone spots a hint of gold shining out from the snow please, please, please grab it and give us a call (604-932-6987).

Thank you,

Carin Smolinski & Allan Wilson