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Remember the little guys


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Because it’s good for the economy, stupid! Economy will always trump environment even during the good times. If we can't exercise some economic restraint (or more accurately, economic innovation) in favor of what is clearly necessary during the good times, then do you think our government will stray much further from the status quo as we slide into the coming years of global recession?

The sooner we realize that this government is fundamentally opposed to anything that threatens the status quo and that the continued and accelerated degradation of our environment is of little consequence to their values and policy the closer we will be to the truth. Then it’s just a matter of do we have the will and conscience to kick them out and demand what is clearly needed.

Bruce Kay


Reflections of a conspiracy theorist

If I was a conspiracy theorist I'd say that the Conservatives were more fiendishly diabolical than arrogant or ignorant. The current state of Canadian politics is a result of well thought strategy, an unimaginable turn, then recognizing the potential that brought, and good luck (luck being the meeting of preparation and opportunity).

Consider that in taunting the opposition to defeat the government in a confidence vote, the only option Mr. Harper would have was to ask the GG to dissolve Parliament and call an election. The populace, incensed at the Liberals, would then obliterate them in the election.

Things didn’t go that way. Rather they took a turn for the absurd.

Somehow the opposition was able to cobble together an association that unbelievably included the BQ. They announced that the PM in waiting would be Mr. Dion, the same man that Canadians and the Liberals had rejected only a few weeks ago. It appeared that the Liberals would be back in power in spite of themselves.

Spite themselves they would.

In response to Mr. Harper’s television address, the Liberals managed to allow Mr. Dion to present himself as a distraction. They then proceeded to eviscerate him and publicly took turns carving him up.

The GG’s acceptance of Mr. Harper’s request to prorogue is no surprise. It set the scene for the GG to give the opposition association a shot at forming a government if the government is defeated in the next confidence vote and if there is such an association at that time.