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Remember the little guys


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One would have expected a local station to provide a faster response, live reports from the scene and perhaps a phone number for mountain or muni information. Let's hope that our only source of local news creates a plan to deal with breaking news and emergency needs.

Matthew Saver


Talent in Transition

Thank you to Sam for writing about Transition Space in last week’s Pique.

We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback we have gotten from the community and visitors in regards to Transition Space. We all agree that a local gallery would be a great addition to Whistler, creating an outlet to express and promote our local arts culture. We have a lot of talented people in this community and having a space where we can exhibit their works has been amazing.

Thank you to all the business owners in our building for helping us when they can.

All of the artists would also like to send out a warm thank you to Don Wensley, without him Transition Space would not exist and we all really appreciate his generosity.

Look for a completely new exhibit starting next week. This Sunday only, we are hosting a small market with over nine vendors from noon to 6. Please come out and support our local artists and artisans.

Andrea Mueller


Status quo has got to go

I just listened to a interesting show (CBC 1, The Current, Friday, Dec 12) which in a nut shell illustrated how our Canadian government policy and performance towards action on global warming was ranked 59th out of a list of 60 world governments.

Jim Prentice, the third Conservative environment minister in as many years, was interviewed and of course dismissed the report. He trotted out the usual Conservative party lines which state that economic factors are as important as environmental (science based) factors in determining policy, and developing countries must play by the same rules before we sign onto anything resembling a binding international policy (Kyoto).

Anyone who doesn't understand this as meaning anything but full speed ahead on the status quo should give their head a good vigorous shake.

Most illustrative of this point was Jim Prentice’s statement that implementation of meaningful climate change policy can only occur if our society is sufficiently prosperous enough to afford it. By that I would like to think he means that when we are well off, we can and will take meaningful action. If this is true then why during the past few years of booming economy and abundant prosperity have the tar sands been allowed and encouraged to become such a huge contributor of greenhouse gas and toxic waste production?