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Remember the little guys


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During these troubling economic times let’s support the backbone of our community. Over the next month, especially after Christmas, let’s give back! Let’s say thank you, by supporting them as they have supported our community for so long. You won't be disappointed! You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and availability of goods and the "above and beyond" service. A hands down winner every time.

Your gift to them could be a dinner or lunch out with a friend or family member at a local restaurant or cafe. Purchase a service or maybe a gift for your uncle, neighbour or favourite pet. It could be that you need something for the house, the yard or in the kitchen. Buy a book, a cake or a new pair of pants or shoes. Let’s challenge ourselves, whatever we buy, to purchase something from an independent small business.

Your gift back may be one of the best gifts you give this Christmas season.

Brian Bonney,

Canadian Federation of Independent Business

CFIB Director of Provincial Affairs, B.C.

Olympic ticket disappointment

We applied for tickets to a variety of events taking place in Whistler and were unsuccessful. How did other people fare? We thought perhaps as residents we might get some sort of priority but that didn't seem to be the case.

If we have to watch it on TV we wonder if it's worth staying in town. We are happy that the tickets sold out so quickly but perhaps VANOC might consider making some future allocation available to Whistler residents who didn't get tickets. After all, we are the hosts and it's a bit like not being able to go to ones own party!

Caroline Cluer


Radio waves

One has to wonder about the place Mountain FM has in our Emergency Response Plan. As the only truly local station, we should be able to look to Mountain FM when faced with a community emergency. Yet, Mountain FM was not only scooped by many stations from Vancouver, in the hours following the gondola collapse, Mountain FM ran music and not news, save for a few run-of-the-mill 20-second spots that provided virtually no useful information for locals and tourists who may have had friends or family on the gondola.