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An answer at a time of crisis


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Industry standards need also be prepared with regards to implementing safeguards to prevent temporary drying out of the river with associated fish deaths, as happened at the nearby Miller Creek run of river project. A similar occurrence on the Ryan River would be disastrous for the Pemberton Valley’s people, farms, fish, wildlife and tourism industry.

Jennie Helmer


Afraid to face Parliament

Well, well. It looks like Mr. Harper got his wish and is now hiding behind the skirt of Canada’s Governor General because he was too scared to face Parliament with his own confidence motion. How very despotic.

Of course there are those among us who choose to ignore the fact that we live in a parliamentary democracy and just love sending out e-mails with titles like “Our Democracy Is Under Attack” or “Stop the Coalition From Destroying Canada.” Last time I checked a minority government is dependent on the direct or indirect support of the rest of Parliament, often expressed through a vote of confidence.

In the end, Mr. Harper was a bully who acted like he had a majority and just as he was about to lose a vote of confidence he delayed democracy by locking out Parliament for the good of the country — nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Over the next few weeks I expect to be berated by a constant stream of right wing rhetoric. With words like undemocratic, separatists, unpatriotic and shady deals all being thrown around with such vigor one might think Sarah Palin is alive and well in the Conservative Party of Canada!

And isn’t it convenient that the right wing Conservative attack machine always forgets to mention that Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper both attempted to set up their very own “backroom coalitions” with the Bloc in 2000 and 2004. Not to mention the 14 times that the Bloc supported the Conservatives during confidence votes in the last session of Parliament — though I am sure Mr. Harper and his MPs have slick talking points to gloss over those facts too.

Now our local MP, Mr. Weston, has been sent home from Ottawa to spread misinformation through letters to the editors filled with the latest talking points hot off of the Conservative Party photocopy machine — the hell with the facts, spin baby spin!

Mr. Weston, your dear leader has trampled on democracy and played the bully in Parliament for far too long and you have been there the whole time espousing his greatness. Your dear leader may still survive but he is sailing into dangerous waters by following the path of least resistance through the proroguing of Parliament to avoid the inevitable. And, as the old saying goes, following the path of least resistance, especially in politics, is what makes the river crooked.

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