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An answer at a time of crisis


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It is also important that we ensure that if a proponent makes commitments as part of the approval process that those need to be binding on a subsequent purchaser. Local governments need to be able to have a say in the process, either as part of an OCP process or development permits of some sort.

I would suggest that the WCWC revisit their blanket opposition to small hydro power projects. Our society cannot continue to say no to all proposed changes and expect to maintain our quality of life. If we want to be able to say no to something like a coal-fired power plant proposed for an area, we must have an alternative to offer.

I support further study on the Ryan be done as part of the Environmental review process. Unless the science turns up some reason to say no to this project then I believe that it should proceed.

Rod MacLeod


Thanks for caring and sharing

Recently, I suffered a life threatening injury by breaking my neck and wanted you to know how lucky and blessed I feel today. Everyone did the right thing at the right time to keep me immobilized so I would not suffer spinal cord damage.

An incident like this really has brought to the forefront of my awareness just what an incredible caring community we live in here in Whistler. From new and old friends of the MAC exercise, the staff at the Meadow Park Sports Centre and the gentle paramedics, to the health clinic staff, I was given the best care possible. Jennie Helmer, the ambulance attendant, effectively kept my mind off things by sharing stories on many interesting topics, which made the emergency ride to Lions Gate fly by (literally).

My thanks goes out to those who shared unexpected flowers, plants and gifts with me, which are continuing to provide a cheerful environment in which to heal and recover. They came from the staff at Signal Hill Elementary, the Low Incidence Support Team, School District 48 Student Services staff, Rotary Club, neighbour Linda Thorstad and the Whistler Adaptive Ski and Ride program.

In addition, meals and goodies from the Villards, Ormerods, Johnsons, Pendygrasses, Jennifer Erickson and the Finlaysons all helped me, Glenn and Sandra through the first challenging days at home.

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