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An answer at a time of crisis


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All this made me think that this is about something else, something more important: family. Not my biological family, but family nonetheless.

I’d like to thank Scott Gadsby, the awesome staff, and the oh-so-happy to be there patrons — my friends, my family, even the ones I don’t know that well yet.

There are lots of great special events in this town, but a simple get together and a little live music with this local crowd feels like a truly special occasion — one which I was pleased to have shared. One that I hope Citta can carry on for many, many years to come.

Brad Kasselman


IPP math

In the spring of 2001, B.C. was so happy with the $1 billion profit made on B.C. Hydro exports that the government even decided to give every household a $200 credit towards their hydro bills.

Lucky, lucky us!

At the same time we B.C.ers were doing the power mambo, our California neighbours to the south were in an "electricity crisis."

Since that time we seem to have been so bad with our energy demands here in B.C. that we have to put an IPP project on every bit of moving water in the province. I am even starting to think about hooking up a turbine to the outlet of my toilet to help out.

Before I started retrofitting my toilet though, I did a bit of math.

B.C. (according to Stats Canada), likes to build an average of 28,901 dwellings a year. A single 50 megawatt run-of-river project in B.C. a year seems to handle this demand nicely. B.C. Hydro's 2006 call for power was a total of 1,559 megawatts. And the 2008 call is shaping up to be the same.

Now keep in mind that I went to a B.C. school. I never understood California math.

John Buchanan

Squamish Valley Conservationist

WCWC should revisit their approach

This letter was sent to the environmental assessment office and to the WCWC. A copy was forwarded to Pique.

I was encouraged by the large turnout at the recent public meeting in Pemberton to discuss the Ryan River Power Project. I was discouraged by the negative delegation from the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.

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